Feeling Lucky

Feeling Lucky

Luck. It’s a small four-letter word that we throw around every day.

“That’s just my luck.”

“I’m feeling lucky.”

“I’ve had bad luck all day.”

But what is luck, really? Is it an occurrence that happens without any reason, completely outside of our sphere of influence and control? Or is it a force that we can somehow control with our actions and attitudes?

Some people believe in good luck and bad luck, that luck is a force that we cannot understand and the things that happen in our lives are written in our fates. They have superstitions, or rituals, or charms to attract the things they desire and ward off the things they fear.

Others believe that we make our own luck through hard work and preparation. They see luck as the result of a conscious effort, not a random roll of the dice.

We've all had those days where everything goes right. You find a parking spot in the first row. You find a $20 bill on the sidewalk. You get an unexpected promotion at work. You might say you're feeling lucky. But is it really luck, or is it something else?

I believe luck is more than just random happenings. Yes, there are lucky coincidences and things that happen outside of our control, but there is also a layer of hard work, of positive attitude, and of openness to new experiences that contribute to changes in our lives. Yes, it’s about being in the right place at the right time, but also about being ready for opportunities when they come your way, and opening the doors that present themselves to you.

I feel similarly about manifesting. Will saying “I will be successful” in the mirror three times a day directly make you successful? Probably not. However, people who truly, deep down believe they are going to be successful are going to behave in ways that successful people do, and are going to jump on the opportunities that may lead to their future success.

A phrase that has been going viral on social media this year is ‘lucky girl syndrome’, which is a type of positive affirmation where one tells herself that she is lucky and that good things are coming her way - essentially, a breed of manifesting focused on luck. People who believe they are lucky are 1) going to put themselves in situations to be lucky, and 2) are going to notice and give more mental real estate to the positive and lucky moments in their life.

Whether you're carrying a four-leaf clover, avoiding black cats, or just working hard and staying positive, remember that luck can be more than just a roll of the dice. It might be something you have more control over than you think.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

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