Olivia Jones - Liv's House Founder & Creative Director, Scottsdale, Arizona Biography





Olivia Jones was born in rural Freedom, Wisconsin, where she lived until she finished high school with her parents, sister, and lots of doggies. From the start, she had a love of art, color, and clothing, and her passion for creativity manifested itself in countless ways. Whether she was writing, painting, making videos, or playing piano, she loved bringing beautiful, fun, new things into the world. She graduated from Freedom High School in 2018, and after 17 years of Midwest winters, moved to Arizona to continue her educated.

Olivia attended Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. During her time in college, she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority and served as Director of Recruitment Events, Director of Communications, and Sisterhood Chair, and completed a Fashion & Marketing Thesis titled the Living Garden Bridal Collection. She studied international business and marketing abroad in both Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Madrid, Spain. She graduated in 2022 Summa Cum Laude with degrees in Fashion and Business (Spanish Language & Culture) and a certificate in International Business.

Upon graduation, she began working full-time at a local apparel company, and fell deeper in love with the fashion industry and the power that it has to make people happy and spur creativity at every level of the process, and she now works full time in marketing and media for a nationwide retailer.

Motivated, optimistic, and creative, she is passionate about traveling, creating, meeting new people, and building connections, and she values acceptance, individuality, community, sustainability, authenticity, and compassion. She loves bright colors, fun prints, bold statements, and showing off all you are in all you do. She believes that life is too short to not have fun with every little thing that you do and wear, and that happiness, confidence, and making a difference are always in style. She tries to spread sunshine and live with intention every single day.

Olivia now lives in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Liv's House was an idea born in her apartment in summer of 2022, and is a celebration of everything that she holds near and dear to her heart; creativity, color, and personal expression. She wants this to be more than a clothing company - she wants to make a difference, she wants to make people smile, and she wants to be a net positive in the world around her. This is her baby, and if you're even 1% as excited as she is, that makes her the happiest girl in the world.

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Barkley was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and is an integral part of the team here at Liv's House. He graduated top of his class at Retriever State (Go Goldens!) with degrees in Barketing and Treatonomics, with a minor in Wagriculture. He manages social media accounts and customer service, and provides emotional support. Barkley's expertise in Business Pawnalytics and SEO (stick eating optimization) is irreplaceable, and his energy and passion are unmatched.

In his ample free time, Barkley likes to fetch, nap, and dig. He is passionate about tennis balls, belly rubs, and chasing birds, and he values self-care, connection, and living each day to the fullest. Good boy.