Welcome to Liv’s House. All are welcome. Come on in!

Liv’s House was born in Olivia Jones’ apartment in 2022. She was a recent college graduate, passionate about fashion, business, and making a difference, and knew that the only way that she would be fulfilled would be combining all of her passions and bringing her dreams to life. Entering college, she knew that her goal, someday, was to start her own clothing company. In 2022, she decided to take this into her hands, and to make that someday today.

Liv set a launch date for her 23rd birthday, August 16th, 2023, and worked backward from there, planning photo shoots, product design, manufacturing, and website development. While she had degrees in both Business and Fashion, she learned so much throughout the process, including how to build a website, produce real apparel, and work with real physical people to make real, physical, beautiful things. 

When Liv was young, she dreamed and talked about her ‘grown-up’ house someday. It would be colorful, bright, huge, and whimsical. It would have twisty turrets and rainbow striped walls, like something out of a Dr. Suess book. She would have parks, and fields, and activities. And absolutely everyone was welcome, and could come by and hang out any time. As an adult, a rainbow mansion may be a bit out of reach. But the idea of Liv’s House never left.

Bright. Colorful. Whimsical. Positive. Welcoming. Accepting. Kind.


Liv’s House is a product of love, imagination, hard work, creativity, and passion. Launched in August of 2023, we're still young and growing, and we cannot wait to see what we become and the impact we can make. We're dedicated to being a net positive in the world around us and inspiring young people to embrace themselves, embrace others, spread sunshine, and live with intention. We are so happy that you’re here.