The world that we live in is so beautiful, so breathtaking, so giving, and so bountiful. We want to keep it that way! Straight from the textbooks, sustainability means fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, and finding a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. The actions that we take today directly impact the experiences that we have tomorrow, and that our children will have decades from now. We want to be a net positive in the world around us, and find sustainable solutions for the things that we love.

One of the ways in which we work to be sustainable is our dedication to eliminating the possibility of overproduction. Overproduction is a problem facing the fashion industry, when companies make more supply of an item than there is demand, leaving garments already made left over. Many companies either throw away or incinerate the items that are not purchased, contributing to the problem of growing landfills and wasted materials. At Liv’s House, every single piece is either made-to-order, or made in small batches – you’ll know which products are which in the product descriptions.


These products aren’t made until you order them, which means that they’re produced special, just for you, and there is absolutely NO overproduction or waste in the process of making these items. Our ‘monogram’ pieces are made to order, as well as some of the pieces that have many customization options - carrying stock for highly customizable pieces means high possibility of making too much! 

Please allow 2 weeks for production and shipping of made-to-order pieces. Your patience is so appreciated, and it gives us time to make sure that everything is perfect for you! If you need something sooner, reach out to our customer service team. We’re always happy to help, and to see what upgrades are available!


These items are exactly what they sound like - they’re produced in small batches! We never want to make too much of something, and have it go to waste. Small batch items usually take 1 week for shipping, because they are already produced.

Sometimes, this means that popular items will go out of stock if we did not make enough. If something is out of stock that you want to buy, let us know! We’re more than happy to make more of them, as long as there’s demand. Your feedback is key in making this process work for all of us! 

In addition to our production practice of all pieces being made to order or small batch, we prioritize using suppliers and production facilities that share our same goals and values. In the materials we use, the companies we work with, and all of our sourcing overall, we focus on protecting, empowering, and benefiting the environment and planet we live on. Absolutely everything in this world lives in a gray area, and ethical consumption can be very difficult to define, depending on the lens you’re looking through. But we strongly believe that there is a way to produce and purchase fashion and apparel in a manner that is a net positive for everyone involved. 

We have values, and we know that you do too. We want you to be absolutely guilt-free when purchasing from Liv’s House, because of our dedication to being a net positive in our community and in our world. Supporting Liv’s House, as well as other small businesses, shows your value of making our world a better place. You mean the world to us, and the world means the world to us. Let’s work together in keeping this Earth beautiful and bountiful for generations to come.

Have any questions? We have answers. Reach out!