Girl Power

Girl Power

Women's History Month 2024 Series #3

Emblazoned on notebooks and makeup bags and social media infographics, we’ve all heard the term girl power. While some may see 'girl power' as something diminutive -- the idea that instead of being a girl boss, we want to be the boss, that instead of 'girl power', we want to be powerful -- I see 'girl power' as something distinct from power itself, something that encompasses and recognizes the female experience. How girl power manifests in our day to day lives means more than just being powerful.

I asked some of the women in my life what girl power means to them in their lives, and here are there responses.

1. "Girl power at this current stage of my life is recognizing the powerful bonds and communities women form with one another. Learning the power that comes from leading with compassion and empathy in friendships, workplace, and decision making. As the world evolves and I grow into my womanhood, I recognize the true power that comes from uplifting each other and the joy that comes from collective success. "Power" syphons energy from others, "Girl Power" is a source of unity".

2. "Working in a male dominated industry has taught me more about girl power than ever before in my life. Women have the ability to work incredibly hard, because we have always had to prove our spot at the table. I've loved seeing the camaraderie between the other ladies of my company and the support system is beautiful. We have the unique ability to be soft, nurturing, and loving, while still kicking ass in whatever it is we do. Women are born multitaskers and are forced to be a lot of things to a lot of people all at once, but do it gracefully. I love being a woman and I love watching other women thrive."

3. "Girl power is an amazing thing!! I believe I am the woman I am today because I was influenced/inspired by a mix of amazing women and their qualities, who all had a part in forming my current identity. Attitude, resilience, and power is contagious, and being the strongest woman you can possibly be will have positive effects on not only you, but everyone around you!"

4. "Girl power to me is when you don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams and ambitions. You always stand for what you believe in and help defend others when they may not have the voice themselves. You will forever uplift other women and help them be their confident, beautiful selves. This is important since so many girls and women have been told they can't achieve something or they weren't allowed to because they're "just a girl". I think being called "just a girl" should actually be a compliment."

5. "As women, we all go through so many of the same experiences: body image, self doubt, heartbreak, inequality, etc. Girl power is our opportunity to rise together, cheer each other on, make positive change, and live a better life."

6. "Girl power. Regardless of gender orientation, power of self is so important, but when I think of what this means to me specifically as a woman, I take it to a much more granular level. To me, girl power is about incorporating femininity to showcase 'power' in concepts that are so often affiliated with being 'less than' because they are associated with women. Yes I hike, run, and work out (all traditionally masculine associated pastimes) but girl power is about rewriting that narrative that traditionally feminine pastimes can be strong. If you're a marathon runner that does it in a pink two piece workout set and tutu or someone that does it in a Gym Shark cutoff, you are both ways POWERFUL. To me, girl power is so important in rewriting the narrative on what it means to be strong."

7. "To me, girl power signifies the empowering ability of girls and women to break barriers, defy societal norms, and shape their own destiny. It's about acknowledging the brilliance, strength, and resilience that women possess. It's an affirmation that women can be leaders, innovators, and change-makers in every sphere of life. Furthermore, it's a call to society to recognize, respect, and reward the abilities and achievements of women, and to create an environment where every girl has the freedom to dream and the opportunity to turn her dreams into reality."

8. "Girl power to me represents the unwavering strength, resilience, and unapologetic confidence embodied by women and girls. It's about embracing one's uniqueness, breaking through societal barriers, and empowering each other to reach our full potential. It's about breaking stereotypes, crushing it in our careers, and proving to everyone, especially the little girl versions of ourselves, that we can do anything we set our minds to. Girl power is the for the little girls that believe in friendship, laughter, and the joy of finding out the little things about themselves that make them smile!"

What does girl power mean to you?

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